Release Date: 2021
Project Client:
Commonwealth Institute of Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS)

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CIAPS Website Design

The CIAPS website design is for CIAPS, an educational centre in Lagos that offers professional courses. I was invited to help out with a few tasks. One of the said tasks being the redesign of their website.

The previous designer had fortunately used WordPress to set it up but unfortunately didn’t have a creative flair for web design. I simply took a look at their theme and used available layouts to maximise it and give them a website befitting their purpose and brand.

Since then, the site has undergone 2 redesigns. The first redesign was done in 2018 and a new redesign was done in 2021.

Now the website expresses its purpose. You can register for a course at the CIAPS website.

The CIAPS website design has the following features.

  • A well-organized blog with categories and tags.
  • SEO friendly
  • Faculty profile pages
  • Event Calendar
  • Lots of registration forms for courses, events, and other applications.
  • Email marketing integration
  • Online shop for selling books (e-commerce).
  • Whatsapp chat buttons
  • Learning management system (LMS) for online delivery of classes.

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