Name Change: Ingenuitee is now Imageazy

ingenuitee now imageazy

Hello and welcome to – a site I use to reach out to clients. I also use the site to make information available to the public and as an outlet for creative work.

However, in 2017, this was called Ingenuitee. Business continued just fine with old clients but the old site didn’t really produce a great output (mostly my fault, I admit). And as the year ran out, I noticed the name Ingenuitee wasn’t even sticking with old clients. The only online outlet with some noticeable activity was the Instagram page (@ingenuiteeng now @imageazy).

I decided to try an almost fresh start by changing the name to something that would be easier to remember (and with less syllables) after I realized that people (more than I expected) were not very familiar with the word “Ingenuity” (imagine my surprise).

Hence the new name, Imageazy.

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I have begun updating social media handles like Instagram (@imageazy). I expect Facebook and Twitter will follow soon enough (fingers crossed).

Thanks and I hope this 2018 will be the beginning of something beautiful for us all.

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